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Circles are one of the oldest ways of gathering in community. They have long been a place to share stories, experience, nourishment, and wisdom. Circles provide space for the celebration of the sacred as well as sharing the mundane aspects of our daily lives.

Our social structure in the modern world often keeps us separate. Many of us keep to ourselves, hidden behind screens and our fear of being truly seen and accepted as our whole selves. Many of us experience anxiety and overwhelm. Disconnected from our tribal nature, we suffer.

The ancient practice of gathering in circle connects us to the sacred within the universe and ourselves. As we return to circle, women are rising and reclaiming our ancient wisdom. We remember and know that our intuitive ways of being together and supporting each other are needed for the healing of the world. It is time to raise the collective vibration.

Circles are energetic containers where we grow and heal ourselves. Transformative soulful experiences designed to bring you present to your truth, heart, and the universe. A space where you meet and know yourself. Circles are where we connect, heal, transform, and rise together in a sacred space where it is safe to be real.

Why attend circle?

Circles I design and facilitate are seeded with positive intentions geared to support individual and collective growth and transformation. It is my intention that every woman who participates feels supported, heard, and seen without judgement. Circles are an egalitarian space where there is no hierarchy. We come together as equals to share our experiences, meditate, and connect to the divine within ourselves and the universe. Come as you are – you have no obligation to show up in any particular way, but we do ask you be real.

All who identify as women are welcomed in the inclusive and supportive container of circle.

What is the circle format?

Each circle is designed with a particular theme offering an opportunity to explore the nature of life, sisterhood, spirit, and our journeys on this planet.

We gather in a circle. We begin with a guided meditation and invocation. We discuss and explore our theme, share thoughts and experiences, and connect as equals. Ceremony and ritual are guided by the topic and are intended to be inclusive and non-denominational in nature. Self-reflective and celebratory activities include journaling, movement, and meditative silence. Each circle is a unique container that provides sacred space for connection, healing, and growth.

Circles are co-creative experiences. Your presence and participation helps guide the flow of circle. We show up for ourselves and for others. In circle, we give and receive gifts of wisdom, insight, and acceptance. You are invited to come, speak your truth, and be moved.

Join me in sacred circle

Your Feminine Soul Women’s Circle

You are the light, sister … Descend into the dark underworld to witness and reclaim the lost treasure of your feminine soul at this month’s circle gathering.

For thousands of years, humans have been practicing rituals and ceremonies where the principle is to go down into the darkness in order to rebirth into light. This descent was understood to be a process of symbolic, psychic and deep emotional transformation. We can see evidence in this in Goddess stories, myths and mysteries which are thousands of years old.

This descent into darkness was known as the ‘underworld’ and the land of the dead. It is also the place where we can find our lost psychic realms and the place where our worst fears, deep traumas and emotional pain has been buried for safekeeping. Until, that is, we are strong enough to descend down to claim it.

What lurks beneath in the soil of our underworld is parts of our feminine soul (and this could be the collective feminine as well as our individual soul). They are like lost treasure and it is only when we take the time to search, to go on our very own treasure hunt, that we are able to restore them.

At this month’s circle, you will descend into your shadows to witness and reclaim the lost treasure of your feminine soul.

Taking a descent into these dark places within us, into our shadow is an opportunity for us to cleanse. It can be likened to a form of psychic hygiene where we can face our shadows and demons, and also restore our feminine soul, shakti, and vitality back to wholeness as we return from the underworld.

Space is limited … Save your seat in circle for this transformational experience that will uplift, inspire and empower you.

All ticket sales are final.

Sunday, January 26, 2020 @ 3:30-5:30pm
Discover Your Spiritual Gifts
5808 S. Rapp Street
Suite 225
Littleton, Colorado

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What to bring?

It is not necessary to bring anything other than yourself. All that you need in circle will be provided. However, if you wish, you are welcome to bring a journal, pen, and comfy cushion to sit on if you prefer your own.

Non-alcoholic beverages and light snacks are available.

How to show up?

Please dress comfortably in clothing that makes you feel good and allows you to move. Consider wearing layers as the temperature in our space can sometimes fluctuate.

Your curiosity and openness will aide your experience.

Reserve your seat in circle now.

Every woman benefits from circle. Limited volunteer places are available. Just send me a message to find out more!