Hello! I’m Tiffany Mair.

I’m a certified Sistership Circle facilitator, librarian, and future step-mom. It is my joy to share information, resources, and wisdom in service to others. Insight and Alchemy is the embodiment of my spiritual calling to be the light and help others shine brighter.

It is my privilege to facilitate women’s circles: a space where I am leaning into my voice, vision, and purpose, while being witness to the growth and transformation of women and the collective sisterhood.

I found women’s circles after a period of feeling very isolated from my community. After several moves across the country, I missed my friends and felt misunderstood and unappreciated. I worked in an environment where I did not feel I could be myself or speak my truth. I felt like I was moving further away from congruency and authenticity in my life. I knew something had to change and that it was time to step up and get back on my path.

Circles have been a place of self-rediscovery for me. They are a homecoming and a renewable source of energy, inspiration, and community. In circle, I have reconnected with myself and spirit in a space that supports and stretches me.

It is my intention to facilitate circles where you will be seen and heard without judgement in a sacred space that aids your connection to your truth, heart, and desires. You will be supported by your sisters and the divine as we raise our individual and collective vibrations as a part of the healing that is required for spiritual evolution.